How to parse and extract CSS selectors as strings?

Tags: javascript,css,regex,css-selectors

Problem :

What is the simplest way to extract css selectors as strings?

Given this as input:

#article h2:first-child a{text-decoration:none}
#works .project p:last-child{margin-top:20px;font-size:13px}
#works .project img, #works .info img{width:680px;min-height:400px;border:1px dotted #ccc;margin-bottom:40px}

How can I get a list of selectors such as this:

var selectors = ['#article','#article h2:first-child a','#works .project p:last-child','#works .project img']

Solution :

Here is the solution I ended up with:

  1. Replace the curly braces including its contents with some unique characters. Regex was picked up from here Matching CSS Selectors with a Javascript RegExp
  2. Split the list at those unique characters.

Just wanted to post it here for documention:

var css = "#article[type=x]{width:690px;overflow:hidden}#article h2:first-child a{text-decoration:none}#works .project p:last-child{margin-top:20px;font-size:13px}#works .project img, #works .info img{width:680px;min-height:400px;border:1px dotted #ccc;margin-bottom:40px}"
var found = css.replace(/{([^}]*)}/gm,"~~~").split("~~~");


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