how to get fixed table columns width

Tags: html,css,table,width

Problem :

How do you make individual table columns fixed for a certain width so no matter how much text is in that column, the width of the column stays the same?

<col> tag is only good for firefox

table-layout:fixed is for whole table really

Just setting a width does not do it

what is the best css property to use for this

Below is code:


  <table border=1 id="vidtbl">
    <th>Question No</th>
    <td class="qid2"></td>
    <td class="video">images/dolphinvideo.png//////////////////////////////////////</td>
    <td class="audio">hello</td>
    <td class="image"></td>

Solution :

try using




This will let your column expand maximum upto the width you set.

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