css: how to access a value that is not used by an element?

Tags: javascript,css

Problem :

I have a DIV that gets its height from a CSS class in a separate stylesheet. But that height is sometimes changed in Javascript. Can I read the CSS height direct from the stylesheet without creating a new element?

Solution :

You can do something like this:

 var myDiv = $("#myId"); 
 alert('initial height from css is: ' + myDiv.css("height"));

 alert('height modified by js is: ' + myDiv.css("height"));

 // store modified height value
 var height = myDiv.css("height");

 // set height to an invalid value

 alert('height is now retrieved from css again: ' + myDiv.css("height"));

 // restore height value

I created an example on jsfiddle.net, you can view it here.

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