How to style “submit” inputs on mouseover, click?

Tags: css,input,click,mouseover,reset

Problem :

I need to style two different inputs to appear differently on mouseover and on click, much like buttons. Ordinarily I would use buttons; however, one of these is an input type="reset" and I assume it is simpler to use an input for this than write a form reset script. How does one style inputs with the types "submit" and "reset" with CSS for mouseover and click?

Solution :

Assuming that you mean in CSS, rather than a JavaScript approach, you can use pseudo-classes:

input[type=reset], /* CSS2.1 attribute-equals selector */
.resetButtonClass-Name {
    /* the reset button */

.resetButtonClass-Name:hover {
    /* the reset button when hovered over */

.resetButtonClass-Name:active {
    /* the reset button when mouse-down */

.resetButtonClass-Name:focus {
    /* the reset button when focussed by keyboard-navigation */

JS Fiddle demo.

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