CSS: How to clear line-through for an element in a table row?

Tags: css,table,strikethrough,text-decorations

Problem :

I'm having trouble "clearing" a line-through that I'm using on a table row. I don't want the line-through effect on the link. I'm changing the tr class dynamically with javascript so I would like to keep it as simple as possible.

My current code:


<tr class="table-item">
<td><a href="#">Delete item</a></td>


.table-item td {
text-decoration: line-through;
.table-item a {
text-decoration: none;

Any suggestions?

Solution :

I was playing with it in jsFiddle. Seems like the only way to do it is to wrap the other content that you want the line-through on in another element, like a span.

Update: code from jsFiddle, as requested:

  <tr class="table-item">
    <td><a href="#">Delete item</a></td>


.table-item td span {
  text-decoration: line-through;

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