How to add multiple CSS elements to a div using jQuery?

Tags: jquery,css

Problem :

I would like to do this:

<div style="float: left;
            width: 59px;
            background: transparent url('') no-repeat scroll -132px -1px;"

and I'm thinking I should use this:

    float: "left",
    width: "59px",
    background: "transparent url('') no-repeat scroll -132px -1px"

Any ideas?


Solution :

You're thinking correctly. Using the css(map) method is the way to go.

    float: "left", 
    width: "59px", 
    background: "transparent url('') no-repeat scroll -132px -1px" 

A map of property-value pairs to set.

Might be nicer as a css class, though... then you can just write $(".cIconSmall").addClass("icon47"); but there's a time for everything...

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