How can I disable my css sprite nav bars hover state for a section while it is active?

Tags: php,jquery,html,css

Problem :

I have been developing a website that makes use of a css sprite nav bar.

The css for one section which is already set as active follows.

ul#navigation li#navigation-1 a
background:url(images/btn_navbar.png) no-repeat -1px 0;

ul#navigation li#navigation-1 a.current
background-position:-1px -90px;

ul#navigation li#navigation-1 a:active,ul#navigation li#navigation-1 a:hover
background-position:-1px -45px;

I set the active state for the other sections using the following HTML/PHP

<li id="navigation-8"><a href="<?php $page = get_page_by_title('Contact'); echo get_permalink ($page ->ID); ?>" title="CONTACT" <?php if ( is_page('Contact')) { echo 'class="current"' ; } ?>><span>CONTACT</span></a></li>

The problem is that the current 'active' section still has the :hover property which leads to a flicker and unwanted removal of the active state until the mouse leaves the section.

Ideally I would like to simply remove the hover property for the currently selected section.

How is this possible? could I do some jquery wizardry?

Many thanks.


Solution :

You can specify the psuedo classes for the "current" link:

#navigation-1 a.current,
#navigation-1 a.current:hover,
#navigation-1 a.current:active {
    background-position:-1px -45px;

I also recommend you put these below the other #navigation-1 a styles as well, as they will override the styles they inherit from those.

I want to point out that there is no need to write a selector with 2 ids. Ids are always unique, so there's no need to even specify an element either because there will never be two of them (with valid html).

These are all the same (assuming your markup stays the same and you have no unused css):

ul#navigation li#navigation-1{}
#navigation li#navigation-1{}

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