CSS: How to I exclude a DIV and its descendents?

Tags: css,jquery-selectors

Problem :

I have html that looks like this:

<div id="mainDiv">
    <div id="childDiv1">
        <img />
            <img />
            <div />
    <div id="childDiv2">

I want to select everything in mainDiv except childDiv1 and its descendents. I thought that #mainDiv :not(#childDiv1) might work but it only excludes chidlDiv1 while all of its descendents get selected. #childDiv1 * will select all of the descendents (but not childDiv1 itself) but :not(#childDiv1 *) is invalid. A jQuery solution would be preferable. Thanks

Solution :

Think this works:

$("#mainDiv > :not(#childDiv1)")

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