How to utilize css of this style in LESS?

Tags: css,blueprint-css,less

Problem :

I want to use some css framework but hate its unsemanticness. So I want to use LESS. The basic idea is mixin framework's css into my own classes. But I feel LESS can't handle some scenarios. For example, some classes are define in the framework as:

div.prepand = {...} or * html .span-1 = {...}

LESS mixin doesn't seem to support the above situations. Any idea?

Solution :

I'm not sure which framework did you mean by saying that "some classes are define in the framework as:".

In Less, you don't declare mixins the way you showed it. You do it like so:

.my_mixin { ... }

And then below in the file you can (re)use it like so:

div.content {

Other than that, I don't understand your question. You want to mixin framework's CSS into your own classes? What does that mean? You write CSS in Less or you don't ...

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