How to define exceptions for the Third occurence of a DIV?

Tags: css,css3,css-selectors

Problem :




  <div id=columns>..1..</div>
  <div id=columns>..2..</div>
  <div id=columns>..3..</div>
  <div id=columns>..4..</div>
  <div id=columns>..5..</div>
  <div id=columns>..6..</div>  

Now, imagine that I want to define in CSS3, a specific rule to make an exception for the Third and Sixth div, which I want to make 50px. is there another way ( besode making a new div name, obviously, as I want to make things elegant and have all of them use the exact same div ID.

Any suggestions to how to solve this are very appreciated. Thanks!

Solution :

For browsers which support the CSS3 nth-child pseudo-class:

    <style type="text/css">
      div > div { 
        width: 100px; 
      div:nth-child(3), div:nth-child(6) {
        width: 50px;



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