How do I design my CSS with ASP.NET MVC?

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Problem :

unfortunately Dreamweaver doesn't support mvc, and I find it hard to believe that everyone is just using Visual Studio to edit their CSS files. My pages are dynamically assembled through multiple views and partial views. I'm using Visual Studio Ultimate.

It's close to impossible to achieve anything good looking when having this workflow:

  • Press F5
  • look at CSS in browser
  • decide what to change
  • abort debugging
  • change CSS
  • run again and see if the change was what I wanted. Probably not, because there are no color pickers, no live preview, nothing. I know I can use the developer tools available in browsers, but there is no drag&drop support for div containers and no color pickers either.

So my question is basically: How are others designing MVC(3) webpages?

Solution :

Make html+css templates in your favorite editor with common controls before implementing them to functional web. Also css, javascript, cshtml and aspx files are editable while you are debugging and if you use full IIS or development server your web will keep running when you stop debugging, so you can modify your css and just press F5 in browser.

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