How can I convert a SASS file to a CSS file in an ANT task?

Tags: css,ant,sass

Problem :

How can I convert a SASS file to a CSS file in an ANT task? I want to use SASS with my java web application.

Solution :

The command to convert Sass to CSS is:

sass input.sass output.css

I'm not very familiar with Ant, but this works for me. This will compile the *.sass files in sass-dir and output the CSS files to css-dir.

<target name="sass">
  <property name="css-dest" location="css-dir"/>
  <delete dir="${css-dest}"/>
  <mkdir dir="${css-dest}"/>
  <apply executable="sass" dest="${css-dest}">
    <fileset dir="sass-dir" includes="*.sass"/>
    <mapper type="glob" from="*.sass" to="*.css"/>

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