How to display a line between the items of an unorderer list that have random number of li every time

Tags: jquery,html,css,html-lists

Problem :

I'm doing this page that is made for the user to interact with the page and it'll have a list of pages that the user will determinate. So this list will be display in a div as an unordered list

  • about
  • location
  • runaway
  • and will have a random number of li's that will depend on the user. I want the list to have between the items a line, but in the last li in the bottom should not have any line and in the first in the top eather.

    It should look like




    in my css I have:

    li { border-bottom: 1px solid rgba(255,255,255,0.6); padding-bottom: 5px;}

    anyone knows how to do this? thanks!

    Solution :

    How about using this jQuery to apply the css class?


    find an example here:

    Note: I've tried to use the css supplied by you. It seems to be failing in IE8 due to unsupported 'rgba' Note2: I've tested the above in IE, Chrome and Firefox successfully (I would have prefered a pure css solution but that one was failing in IE8)

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