How to correct CSS formatting problem in Visual Studio

Tags: css,visual-studio-2008

Problem :

I've developed a webpage in visual studio, but whenever I open the page in "view in browser" the formatting is skewed (I used line-height attribute, but it didn't work. Please see sample). Yet whenever I upload the site to a real server, the formatting is correct again. Does that mean I need to install IIS to view the site properly? Thanks!


Solution :

No, this is not directly related to Visual Studio. It may just mean there is a problem with your layout.

You should be testing all your pages in all of the major browsers. If they all work, then I wouldn't worry about it. But I suspect some browsers may have problems formatting your page.

And if you are using a different browser to preview your site than you are using to view it on the server, then that's your answer. You need to test with all major browsers.

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