How can I target a element inside h2

Tags: css

Problem :

I can't figure out how to style an H2 link in css. I've tried everything. IHow I can I target the link in an h2 element?

<div id="post-225" class="post-225 post type-post sticky hentry category-rugby-world-cup tag-land-rover-rugby-world-cup-2011-rugby-world-cup-2015-land-rover-rugby">
    <h2><a href="" title="Permalink to England Rugby Squad vs. Media Driving Challenge Day" rel="bookmark">England Rugby Squad vs. Media Driving Challenge Day</a></h2>

I need to make the headline of this sticky post white:

I've tried .sticky h2 a {color:white;} but without success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Solution :

Your .sticky h2 a {color:white;} is being overridden by the main style:

#content h2 a {
color: #4C4C4C;

To target the specific h2 of the sticky class, use:

#content .sticky h2 a{

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