How can I test websites for Mobile Devices

Tags: html,css,mobile-website,browser-testing

Problem :

What can I use to test websites I developed using HTML/CSS to see how it looks in mobile devices like iPhone/iPad/Android? Emulators/Simulators on Windows? I could installthe Android SDK and use its emulator? for Apple's devices, I need to pay for the SDK? anything I can use to emulate, I just need it for website testing not apps. Sites like or doesn't appear to be accurate

Solution :

If you're on a Mac, use the iPhone simulator included with the SDK.

For windows, there's an Adobe AIR application called iBBDemo2 which is an iPad/iPhone simulator. It looks like a fairly accurate emulator, so it might be worth a try: iBBDemo2

EDIT: Just tested this out on a couple more sites and it's accurate. Definitely worth trying.

The Android SDK also includes an emulator and it's free.

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