PNG image showing up with white background even though it has a clear background

Tags: css,image,css3,png,facebox

Problem :

I have a facebox window with a close button that i want to be exactly like on (click the feedback link on the bottom right you'll see what i mean. I have added that image as the close button, but when it appears in my browser it shows a white background. The image is supposed to have a clear background. Any idea how to make it show as transparent? Here's an image of what i'm talking about:

Here's the CSS for the close button:

    #facebox .close{

#facebox .close img{
#facebox .close:hover img{

Solution :

On #facebox .close, remove background: #fff.

That should be all you need to do. Although, I can't see where you're setting the background-image.

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