How do I get this div to cover flash control (jw player)?

Tags: html,css,flash,jwplayer

Problem :

Ive got a flash player (jw)...

And I used some downloaded code to make a drop down menu.

In firefox the drop down menu covers the jw Player but in other browsers it shows up behind the player:

a screen shot of the problem

Here is a screen shot of the code and css in IE developer tools:

a screen of the html and css

As you can see from the second image I have set the z-index to 9999 but it doesnt work and I have no idea how to force the div to display over the flash control in all browsers...

Any help much appreciated.

Solution :

<param name="wmode" value="transparent">

as a child element to your object tag should fix it. Or, the wmode="transparent" parameter, if you're using an embed tag.

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