How can I make my web application look correct in IE 8 and 9? [closed]

Tags: css,internet-explorer,design,compatibility

Problem :

I find that my application does not look as good in IE as in Chrome and Firefox. Perhaps it shows everything in wrong way. Well, I want to solve the issue I have.

So I try my hand with IE developer tool but I find nothing to customize styles and CSS. So how do others do these things for IE?

I mean, I don't care much how it works in 6, but how can I make it look like it does in Firefox and Chrome in IE 8 or 9?

Well, what trick do you use when you need to do something in IE? Well, I know nothing in web design but I want to refactor the existing code so that it works.

So, the thing is, how can I make them compatible with IE 8 or 9? Are their any tools that exist to make them work?

Solution :

One of the most important things you can do to ensure site looks close enough is to write standards compliant code for the doctype you have chosen, and validate that code throught w3's validator tool

After that, check out adobe's browser labs tool. You can view your site in any browser and make minor tweaks that you need.

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