I have the CSS & JS, how do I convert that to erb for my Rails app?

Tags: javascript,jquery,css3,ruby-on-rails-3

Problem :

So I have the foundation of my Rails app, then I went ahead and did the JS and CSS.

How do I then take the CSS and JS that I have, and apply it to the app in a 'Rails Way'. i.e. a dynamic way that works nicely.

Can you give me some tutorials/articles/resources that I can read up to guide me, please?

I have tried the Rails guides, but I find them a bit lacking.

Any other good suggestions or tips that might help get me on the right track?


Solution :

The dynamic behavior in any web application can be expressed by using server side code, and/or client side code. In the client side there is a combination of techniques called AJAX that help to create a fluent interaction with the user.

You can learn a lot of Rails watching screencasts. You can have a look at Railscasts or PeepCode which are plenty of good tutorials.

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