How to assign custom CSS class to arbitrary arbitrary rows of h:dataTable?

Tags: css,jsf,datatable

Problem :

I'm trying to assign a specific CSS class to specific rows of my <h:dataTable>. Is there some way to access and cutomize the resulting table rows?

Solution :

Bind the rowClasses attribute to a bean property which returns the desired string of CSS classes.

<h:dataTable value="#{bean.list}" rowClasses="#{bean.rowClasses}">

with e.g.

public String getRowClasses() {
    StringBuilder rowClasses = new StringBuilder();
    for (Item item : list) {
        if (rowClasses.length() > 0) rowClasses.append(",");
    return rowClasses.toString();

Update to clarify, this way you have full programmatic control over the rowClasses string. Note that the above is just a kickoff example, it doesn't necessarily need to be obtained by Item#getRowClass() or so. You can even do it in a simple for loop with a counter.


public String getRowClasses() {
    StringBuilder rowClasses = new StringBuilder();
    for (int i = 0; i < list.size(); i++) {
        if (rowClasses.length() > 0) rowClasses.append(",");
        rowClasses.append(selected.contains(i) ? "selected" : "none");
    return rowClasses.toString();

where selected is a List<Integer>. If it contains 1, 2 and 5, then the returned string will look like as follows for a list of 10 items:


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