How to apply CSS(background image) to radiobutton when it clicks?

Tags: jquery,css

Problem :

i have set of radio buttons like below,

    <input type="radio" NAME="pizzasize" value="1"/>100&#37; of the time<br />
   <input type="radio" NAME="pizzasize" value="2" />75&#37; of the time<br />
       <input type="radio"  NAME="pizzasize" value="3"/>50&#37; of the time<br />
       <input type="radio"  NAME="pizzasize" value="4"/>25&#37; of the time<br />

i need to change the radiobuttons format like the image in the above. How can i do this?..

Thanks Ravi

Solution :

The easiest thing would probably be to define a class for "selected" and then just assign that class to the checked option of the radiobuttonlist.

$("#whatevertheparentidis :radio").removeClass("selected");
$("#whatevertheparentidis :checked").addClass("selected");

You can define the image as the background image on the .selected class.

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