How to make a big image not scroll?

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,css3,jquery-cycle

Problem :

I have a jquery cycle slideshow that slides through 3 big photos and is behind the rest of the content. Works fine but the problem is that if I resize the window to less than the width (1400) or height (900) of the photos the scrollbar appears. How to make the scroll disappear or how to make the images "act" like background-images... Sorry about the confusion, hope you can understand me.


<div class="slideshow"> 
    <img src="images/temp-bg.jpg" width="1400" height="900" /> 
    <img src="images/temp-bg2.jpg" width="1400" height="900" /> 
    <img src="images/temp-bg3.jpg" width="1400" height="900" /> 


.slideshow {

Thank you, Cris

Solution :

You should be able to set the height and width to 100% and set overflow:hidden

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