Show div on hover span styling

Tags: css,html

Problem :

The title may be a bit misleading.

I have a h3 element inside a span tag and of course it shouldn't go there, however I cannot seem to style the spanned text in the div in the manner I want.

If you hover over the image in the jsfiddle, the hidden div is shown and that is exactly what I want it to look like but if I take the h3 tag away from the text I can't seem to style it with CSS.

Should I be looking at a Jquery alternate? If so any tutorials of guides would be great, thanks

UPDATE: Thanks for all the help so far but I don't think I've explained very well.

The left side is how I would like it to be styled however removing the h3 tags and removing h3 from the class .info causes it to be styled as on the right side. It's the border width, postion and padding I am concerned about the most

Solution :

If anyone is interested I solved the problem.

Instead of using the h3 tags and a span, I removed both and instead put a div inside the div that appeared on hover. You can see what I mean in the below fiddle. Now validates in html5 which is what I was after, thanks for all the help

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