How to convert from Powerpoint to HTML / CSS ? (FOSS)

Tags: html,css,xaml,powerpoint

Problem :

Someone has mocked up a website using PowerPoint, and I have to convert it to HTML / CSS.

This is not a request to simply embed PowerPoint into the webpages. This will not be a static HTML site. PHP will generate HTML, and there are a bunch of forms for the user to submit information.

Is there a conversion tool, or a series of conversion hoops that I can jump through? I'd much rather have the styles in CSS than inline in the HTML.

Solution :

Since I'm guessing you're not the best with web design hardcode, your options are:

Go into powerpoint, and use the 'Save For Web' button. It won't be perfect, you'll probably have to tweak some stuff, but you could make it look right with much less coding knowledge then the normal site.

OR: Make a flash site and embed the powerpoint into the flash, if you're flash savvy.

OR: Here's a poweproint conversion tool if your powerpoint if you don't want to code at all: I'm not sure how well it works, you'll probably just end up frustrated and you'll have to code some anyway.

Option #1 is good, and it will require very little actual coding, just fixing the thing powerpoint does wrong.

Option #3, flash ewww.

Option #4 I haven't tried it, but you sure can if you're feeling up to it, probably won't be too fast or customizable.

But overall, the best bet is going to be look at it with your eyes and convert it using your knowledge of code and, err, oops, as a resource.

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