How do i rotate text in css

Tags: css,css3,text-rotating

Problem :

How do i rotate text in css to get following output...

enter image description herehi,


Thanks for quick suggestion. I have added my sample code in jsfidle:

The problem i am facing is that when we rotate the text then it breaks the alignment and positions... so what is causing that and how can i manage them?

Solution :

You need to use the CSS3 transform property rotate - see here for which browsers support it and the prefix you need to use.

One example for webkit browsers is -webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg);

Edit: The question was changed substantially so I have added a demo that works in Chrome/Safari (as I only included the -webkit- CSS prefixed rules). The problem you have is that you do not want to rotate the title div, but simply the text inside it. If you remove your rotation, the <div>s are in the correct position and all you need to do is wrap the text in an element and rotate that instead.

There already exists a more customisable widget as part of the jQuery UI - see the accordion demo page. I am sure with some CSS cleverness you should be able to make the accordion vertical and also rotate the title text :-)

Edit 2: I had anticipated the text center problem and have already updated my demo. There is a height/width constraint though, so longer text could still break the layout.

Edit 3: It looks like the horizontal version was part of the original plan but I cannot see any way of configuring it on the demo page. I was incorrect… the new accordion is part of the upcoming jQuery UI 1.9! So you could try the development builds if you want the new functionality.

Hope this helps!

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