How can I customise jquery loupe to have a circular lens?

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,loupe

Problem :

I would appreciate the thoughts of any javascript / css ninjas on how I can customise:

To have a circular zoom area instead of rectangular one? There is an option to set a css class for the loupe.

Please note that this is a question about the library linked above. I have already googled for other libraries. I want to keep the js as small as possible.

Solution :

From the developer of loupe.js:

you may want to look at chris iufer's loupe, which is only a bit bigger than mine and includes a few samples that use css3 to achieve a round loupe:

whereas mine uses an absolutely positioned image within a div, his uses background-image on the div and background-position to move the image, so css3 border-radius works.

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