How to make CSS URL background images show up in localhost?

Tags: css,localhost,xampp,background-image

Problem :

I just installed xampp and I brought one of my live sites into it to be able to start working from localhost.

So to view my site, I navigate to localhost/

I noticed some issues with images when on my html, I had for example:

<img src="/new_pictures/05.jpg" alt="Central Market"/>

Image wouldn't show up, but then I removed the / and this works:

<img src="new_pictures/05.jpg" alt="Central Market"/>

I seem to have a similar problem with the CSS background image, but I can't get it to work-if I remove the / there, the image doesn't show up on the live site. How do I make the background image show up on localhost?

Example CSS (works in live site but not localhost):

.outeremailcontainer {
width: 275px;


Solution :

The image paths in your stylesheet should be where the image is relative to the stylesheet, for example if your .css file is in a directory like this on your site:


Your path should look like this (go up a directory, then into images)


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