Superfish: How to keep sub menu open after it has been clicked

Tags: php,jquery,css,jquery-plugins

Problem :

I'm having the following scenario. I have a menu and if one hovers over the menu a sub menu appears and if mouse moves out the sub menu disappears, now I want the following if I click on the on a item in the sub menu, I want the sub-menu to remain open, when the new page has been loaded. I'm using superfish Jquery plugin for this.

Is this possible and if how.

my code in html

<div id="nav">
        <div id="nav2">
            <ul class="sf-menu sf-navbar ">
                                        <a title="HOME" class="sf-with-ul " href="/index.php?r=site/index&amp;sid=1">HOME</a>               </li>   
            <ul class="sf-menu sf-navbar">

                    <a href="?sid=2" id="gallery" class="sf-with-ul selected_main">GALLERY</a>
                    <ul class="subs" id="sub1"><li class="arrow"><img src="images/arrow.gif" /></li><li><a title="Kitchens" href="/index.php?r=images/sddsd&amp;id=1">Kitchens</a></li><li><a title="Vanities" href="/index.php?r=images/sddsd&amp;id=2">Vanities</a></li></ul>             </li>    
            <ul class="sf-menu sf-navbar ">
                    <a href="?sid=3" class="sf-with-ul " >ACCESSORIES</a>
                                        <ul class="subs" id=""><li class="arrow"><img src="images/arrow.gif" /></li><li><a title="Door Handles" href="/index.php?r=images/sddsd&amp;id=2">Door Handles</a></li><li><a title="Spanners" href="/index.php?r=images/sddsd&amp;id=1">Spanners</a></li></ul>             </li>   

            <ul class="sf-menu sf-navbar ">
                                        <a title="CONTACT US" class="sf-with-ul " href="/index.php?r=site/contact&amp;sid=4">CONTACT US</a>             </li>   


and then the superfish code

                 delay:         0,
                 speed:         'fast',
                 autoArrows:    false,
                 dropShadows:   false

I've also noticed that the following css code is used to display the item

left:   0;
top:    2.5em;
z-index:        99;

Solution :

I post a demo for you. Basically I've added a "onHide" function to the superfish function, then some additional coding that keep the menu persistent.

Additional CSS (to default suckerfish.css)

.sf-menu li.sfSelected {
 background-color: #CFDEFF;


    var menu = $("#nav");

            delay:         0,
            speed:         'fast',
            autoArrows:    false,
            dropShadows:   false,
            onHide:        function(){
                if (this.parent().is('.sfPersist')) {
        .find('li > ul > li').click(function(){
            // hide previously persistent children (LOL that just sounds wrong)
                .removeClass('sfPersist sfHover')
                .find('> ul').hide().css('visibility','hidden');

            // add children that should be persistent
            if ($(this).is('.sfSelected')) {
                // if previously selected, keep hidden
            } else {
                // Hide other selected classes
                // if newly selected, then show
                    .addClass('sfSelected') // remember which one is selected
                    .parent().addClass('sfHover sfPersist');

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