How to automatically resize the wrapper div using CSS

Tags: css,overflow,wrapper,hidden

Problem :

I've been struggling with this problem..

There is a wrapper div and it contains 3 vertical column divs with full of texts, and this wrapper div has red background color so that it can be a background of the entire texts.

<div id="content_wrapper">

    <div id="cside_a">
       // massive texts goes here

    ... // two more columns go here.


And here is the CSS code for them.

#cside_a, #cside_b, #cside_c
float: left;
width: 33%;

And this code gives me a background that covers only 400px height box.. My expectation was the wrapper div automatically resizes depending on the size of the divs in it.

Somehow putting "overflow:hidden" with wrapper CSS code makes everything work fine.

I have no idea why "overflow:hidden" works.. shouldn't this hide all the overflowed texts..?

Could anyone explain me why? Is is the correct way to do it anyway?

Solution :

Your problem is caused by the fact that your columns are floating. Take a look at 'Clearfix'

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