How to combine this css?

Tags: css,stylesheet

Problem :


.box_content ::selection {
 background:#CCCC33; /* Safari */
.box_content ::-moz-selection {
 background:#CCCC33; /* Firefox */

Anyone know if I can combine those like this?

.box_content ::selection .box_content ::-moz-selection {

Or maybe like:

.box_content ::selection, .box_content ::-moz-selection {

Honestly my mind is not there today.

Solution :

The second one is correct. You can use a comma to separate css selection rules.

So given:

selector-rule1, selector-rule2 {

This will apply style-x & style-y to anything that matches either selector-rule1 or selector-rule2.

Just to explain why your first example won't work, its because spaces imply ancestor-descendant relationships, so if you have:

selector-rule4 selector-rule4 {

Then style-z will be applied to anything that matches selector-rule4 if it is also an an ancestor of something that matches selector-rule3.

More info on selectors here.

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