How do I remove a CSS class from one anchor and assign it to another using jquery?

Tags: jquery,anchor,css

Problem :

Here are my anchors,

<a ID="lnkbtn0" class="page-numbers" href="#">1</a>
<a ID="lnkbtn1" class="page-numbers" href="#">2</a>
<a ID="lnkbtn2" class="page-numbers" href="#">3</a>
<a ID="lnkbtn3" class="page-numbers" href="#">4</a>

And my click function i am adding a cssclass to show that it is the current anchor

$("").click(function() {
                $(this).addClass('page-numbers current');

What happens is when i click the next anchor the same class has been added to the current and the previous anchor... What can be done to remove the cssclass page-numbers current and assign cssclass page-numbers to the previous/all other anchors without changing the current one....

Solution :

To avoid a costly run through the entire dom, do this:

$("").click(function() {

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