How to display a border-bottom only if table cells are not empty (CSS)

Tags: css

Problem :

I've got a Filemaker calculation that generates an HTML page with several tables.

If the calculation results in values for certain fields the result would be

<tr><td>Example value 1</td></tr>
<tr><td>Example value 2</td></tr>

If the calculation finds no values to be displayed, the result would simply be


In the first case, I want to the table to display a border at the bottom (or any other horizontal line); in the second case, I don't want to display a border at the bottom.

I cannot find a way to get this done using a CSS...

Thanks in adavance :-)

Solution :

You can get as close as possible with this, given you can't change the markup:

table tr:last td { border-bottom: solid 1px blue; }

If you're generating multiple tables you need this (though less-supported):

table tr:last-child td { border-bottom: solid 1px blue; }

No guarantees on IE6 though.

However, I strongly suggest you don't generate an empty table if you can avoid it, it's invalid HTML. If you did this your CSS gets simpler as well, just giving table this:

table { border-bottom: solid 1px blue; }

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