How to make image fit in div using Jquery

Tags: jquery,css,xhtml

Problem :

currently, I having a page with the layout like this:

Header (100%)
|                   | Desc  |
|    unknown size   |       |  
|                   | 200px |  
|      Image here   |       |  
|                   |       |  
|                   |       |  
|                   |       |  
|                   |       |  
Footer 100% height stick bottom

that the idea of the layout. when i resize the height or width, the only thing that resize is the image and it's div

But how should i archive this using either jquery or css?

How should I have the image inside that div resize arcording to the height and width of it's div box? something like this for example

Solution :

var divElem = $("#yourdivid");
var ht = divElem.height();
var wdt = divElem.width();

$("#yourimageid").css({'height' : ht, 'width' : wdt});

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