How can I override an external css?


Problem :

I'm using the YUI Javascript framework, which gives me a calendar widget that comes with a css file. These are included at the top of my Site.Master file. I'd like to override the style associated with the widget, but I can't seem to figure out how.

I've tried adding an entry for the widget's class:


in both my local css file, and in a style tag in the master file. When I use Internet Explorer's developer tools to look at the page's style, it lists 3 sources for that class's style: my local css file, the ASP.Net view for the page, and the external YUI css. It never references the master file, and even when I've got the class in my local css file, the style doesn't appear in the developer tools list of styles (I don't see .yui-calendar in the list it gives me).

So the question is, what's the proper way to override the style for the class coming in from the external css file?

Solution :

You might want to try adding units to that CSS:


You need units for values other than 0 in CSS.

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