How do I disable warnings from Aspx files (HTML,CSS)


Problem :

All my aspx files give all kinds of annoying warnings like "The CSS Value is not defined" because I'm referencing CSS files from other projects relative to where they will be published in IIS. And other things I ignore like "Zoom is not a valid css property" even though I need it to fix crappy IE 6 rendering bugs.

I tried adding WarningLevel="0" to the <%@ Page tag but I'm still getting warnings. I still want to receive warnings from my code behind file I just don't care for the HTML, CSS and Javascript warnings.

Anybody know how to do this. I would also be interested in disabling specific warnings.


Solution :

Check this:

Also try this:

Finally the best thing to try is

Tools > Options > Text Editor > HTML > Validation > Show errors

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