How to create a absolute element overlapping several rows in a calendar (table) design?

Tags: css,design,table,relative,absolute

Problem :

Im trying to create a calendar in an HTML table design with css element div elements as appointment blocks in absolute positioning which is working fine. But since the block is absolute, which makes me able to overlap as many rows as I want to create appointments, it dosnt stretch horizontally which is what I want. How can I make the absolute div block stretch? Or is there a better solution? (Constraint: has to support IE6+). The issue is highlighed below.

Below is a snippet example of the code:

" .. a href="#" class="calendar_dayview_dayformatting">09 "

.preference {height: 60px; min-width:445px ; border: 1px solid #ffc61e; background-color: #ffc61e; margin-top: -1.4em; margin-left:2.5em; position:relative;}

.preference_appointment {height: 180px; min-width:445px ; border: 1px solid black; background-color: #f9eaad; position:absolute; margin-top:-1px;z-index:1;}

Thanx Michael

Solution :

If you specify the right and left css properties the absolutely positioned div's width will expand to the width of its container offset by the right and left property values.

Can you provide a sample of html as well as the css please.

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