How to find if a request is for js or css in httpHandler

Tags: css,compression,request,ihttphandler,jscompress

Problem :

is there any way to find if a particular request is for JS or CSS in httphandler

to improve the performance of my website i was using HttpCompress from Code Project

but since it is combining all the js it is breaking my javascript in many i want to write a httphandler so that iwould be able to serve the js and css compressed.( i have already minified them using YUICompressor). i know this will cause multiple http request but in my case i have a deadline and so dont want combining of javascripts and css.

so any approach to do so???????

also i have seen in the source codes of compression module that they check if the file is already on the browser and send a 304 Not Modified response header but it is a little confusing to me so can anyone break it down as to how to proceed if i want to do the same....

i do not want whole answer just simple pointers would do...

thanks a lot

P.S i am on shared hosting and do not have access to IIS

Solution :

In the example config file for HttpCompress they give two options for excluding files from being compressed: Exclusion by MIME type and Exclusion by path.

The following config file presumes that your server is serving javascript as text/javascript (something you should double check before setting).

<HttpCompress  compressionType="GZip">

    <add mime="text/html" />

    <add mime="text/javascript" />

     <add path="~/PathToYourJavascriptFiles/" />


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