How to order rows (or divs) vertically using blueprint css?

Tags: css,xhtml,blueprint-css

Problem :

I have the following html code (in the given order)

<div id="content">...</div>
<div id="footer">...</div>
<div id="header">...</div>

And of course, I want to display the header part at the top followed by the content part and then followed by the footer. How can I do that with a CSS code using blueprint?

P.S. : The content part is written first to be more SEO-friendly

EDIT: the solution should work in whatever order the div sections are written. For instance, the div "content" could be written in the XHTML file AFTER the div "footer"...but I still want to have the footer displayed below the content (whose height is unknown since depending on the contents)

Solution :

I don't know if blueprint provides this function. But it can be done easily in simple css.

I assume the height of header is fixed, say 100px.

#header {
    position: absolute;
    top: 0px;



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