How can I trigger a jQuery alert when an iframe AND its CSS is loaded and rendered?

Tags: jquery,css,iframe,tinymce

Problem :

I'm trying to trigger an alert when an <iframe> and its CSS files are loaded and rendered.

I have the following so far:

$("#content_ifr").ready(function (){
        alert('iframe ready');

The problem with this is that the alert is happening before the CSS is rendered on the page, after the Alert is closed, then you see the CSS taking effect in the browser.

Any ideas on how to solve this with OUT a sloppy timeout hack?


Solution :

Since it's tinyMCE you're dealing with, have you tried their APIs?

I'm thinking onLoadContent is your best bet, but I'm not sure if it does any CSS magic.

The only way we've found to pause loading until a CSS is loaded is a sloppy timeout hack. basically:

  1. set a real specific rule, like div.test-file-loaded{ color: #123456 }
  2. create a div of that class.
  3. check if color of that element is #123456, keep timeouting and retrying until it is.

Would really like to know if there's a non hack way, but I don't think there is. Since you're dealing with an iframe, even more hackiness will be needed....

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