How to change background color of readonly textbox in css

Tags: html,css

Problem :

How to change background color of readonly textbox in css

Solution :

There are too many unkowns in your question. Which browser do you want support? If you say textbox you seem to use ASP.NET, but there is no tag at you question.

Generally said, the behaviour between the browsers are different.

Consider the following html

             <input type="text" disabled="disabled" value="This is a test" style="background-color:Black; color:Lime;" />

IE8 renders the background color properly, but disabled controls will always have gray text with shadows. Mozille Firefox beside that renders the control correct and i am sure there will be difference all over the different browsers and even between the browser versions (IE6 would interprete the color values correctly too).

If you want to have a html regardless which browser you use, you have to use a span or other inline element, to format it with border and colors you want, instead of using a input element.

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