How come the first

Tags: javascript,html,css,forms

Problem :

I have a <form> Inside that form, I have 2 submit buttons.

The first one is this:

<button  class="regular" id="geocodesubmit" style="height:40px;">Set Loc

The second one is this:

<button  type="submit" class="regular" name="Submit Discovery">Submit</button>

How come my first button gets activated when I push enter on one of the text boxes? I want the 2nd one to activate...

I don't want the first one to respond to any keypresses.

Note: I don't want to use input type="submit", because I have a lot of other css stuff.

Solution :

The HTML4 spec says that the default type of a button tag is submit.

So your problem is simply the fact, that your first button doesn't have a type attribute and will therefore act like another submit button.

To fix it set type="button" for the first button.

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