How to deal with different stylesheets (WYSIWYG Editor and Webpage one) in the same page?

Tags: html,css,wysiwyg

Problem :

Due to validation markup and some other reasons I disable the list-style-type css property in order to build the website navigation.

I'm using MCEeditor for generating text content and I had to create a list with list-style-type: disc css property inside it. The list appears correctly inside the text editor, but appears as my css said to appear (no list-style-type) in my website. I can't set list-style-type: disc either for obvious reasons (my menu navigation would mess up).

How can I let the bullets show up in my text content but at the same time hide my navigation list-style-type?

Solution :

CSS rules can be specific, for example:

.page-wrapper .inner

will apply rules to a specific subset of this css rule:


So you should specify the div which your WYSIWIG editor is in.

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