How to change img style inside span in CSS?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I need a quick help:

I have a CSS like this:

#ranking li span.awa

And HTML like this:

             <span class=\"awa\"> 
                <div >
                    <a href=''>
                      <img src=''>

Now i don't know what is the name of img and can not put class type to img tag. I need to set in CSS that img inside span of class awa should have border: 0px; How to do this?

In para langauge i need this:

#ranking li span.awa.img
    border: 0px;

But it does not work. How to write this properly?

Solution :

Use a space, just like you've used twice. A space means "somewhere inside":

#ranking li span.awa img
    border-style: none;

span.awa.img, my the way, means a span with two classes: <span class="awa img">.

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