How can I get IE7 to see an HTC file in the same directory as my CSS?

Tags: css,internet-explorer-7,directory-structure,html-components

Problem :

The web design company I work for has a development side, and a published side for their client sites. For dev sites, the CSS is stored in a directory such as /software-1.5/templates/099/themes/theme-name/theme.css with stored in the same directory. The index page (and all other pages) are stored in the /software-1.5/ directory. However, once the site is published, the templates/099/... part will change to something else.

When I use behavior: url('') in my theme.css file, IE7 apparently tries to find the HTC file in the base directory, and not the CSS directory. How can I make IE7 look for the file in the same directory as the CSS?

Solution :

Maybe it does help if you're setting the behavior not within the CSS but within the HTML page in the head section. I don't know of a possibility to make IE use the path of the CSS.

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