How do I create a CSS class Union?

Tags: css,stylesheet,union

Problem :

I have a div that unions CSS classes as such:

    <div id="tp" class="ui-hidden-on-load ui-tablepicker ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-helper-clearfix ui-corner-all ui-helper-hidden-accessible">

How do I create a CSS style that I can combine all of these classes together into a single class with a discreet name?


<div class="myCustomClass">

Where my custom class is an intersection of all of the combined classes? I can't seem to find an example or good explanation of how this is done.

Thanks in advance for reading my question!

Solution :

AFAIK that's not possible in CSS. You can either feed rules to multiple selectors:

.one, .two, .three { color:red; }

Or manually add a generic class to every HTML element.

If you want to target elements that have certain classes you can do .one.two.three {}

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