how do I find out which skin Telerik's RADeditor is using by default?

Tags: c#,,css,telerik

Problem :

In firebug under "Style" its showing the css file as follows when I hover mouse over RadEditor


In telerik:RadEditor tag ..I haven't specified any property such as Skin=Skin1 or its using some default skin...In the Skins folder..there's this folder named "Default" that's got images and css files...Is "Default" what it's using ??? now when I change something in the Default skin's CSS file...changes do not reflect on my how do I find out which css its using ??can't figure out nothing from a path like that


For this Editor mainly 3 css files are being used namely Editor.Default.css,Window.Default.css and when I view page source , I can't find refernce to any of these 3 css files...Also in firebug , under "Styles" where that weird css path is shown, its displaying CSS classes like .reToolbar , ALL the Skins' CSS files have got this CSS class ".reToolbar" how to find out which CSS file's class is this particular ".reToolbar class" ??

Solution :

You can identify the skin used by RadEditor by finding its tag, e.g.:

The link tag rendered contains the URL of the WebResource (e.g. the skin css, that is embedded in the Telerik.Web.UI assembly). To make RadEditor use your skin you should set its EnableEmbeddedSkins property to false and then include a tag with the URL to your CSS file.

There is some more information in the Telerik Online Documentation.


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