How much time should I put into validating my HTML and CSS?

Tags: php,javascript,html,css

Problem :

I'm making some pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. How much time should I be putting into validating my pages using W3C's tools? It seems everything I do works but provides more errors according to the validations.

Am I wasting my time using them? If so any other suggestions to make sure I am making valid pages or if it works it's fine?

Solution :

You should validate your code frequently during development. E.G after each part/chunk revalidate it, and fix errors immediately. that approach speeds up your learning curve, since you instantly learn from small mistakes and avoid a bunch of debugging afterwards, that will only confuse you even more.

A valid page guarantees you that you don't have to struggle with invalid code AND cross-browser issues at the same time ;)


Avoid writing new code until all other code is debugged and fixed

if you have a schedule with a lot of bugs remaining to be fixed, the schedule is unreliable. But if you've fixed all the known bugs, and all that's left is new code, then your schedule will be stunningly more accurate.(Joel test rule number 5)

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