How to apply CSS to a DialogBox using ClientBundle?

Tags: css,gwt

Problem :

I'm trying to apply some CSS to my subclass of DialogBox via ClientBundle. When inspecting the DOM I can see an obfuscated class-name got added (class="gwt-DialogBox GF2AVPFBPD") but it does not bear/apply any propertes/changes...

class RegistrationDialog 
  extends DialogBox 
  interface MyClientBundle 
    extends ClientBundle 
    MyCssResource css();

  interface MyCssResource 
    extends CssResource 
    String registrationDialog();

  MyClientBundle myClientBundle = GWT.create(MyClientBundle.class);



  background-image: url("logo.png") !important;
  background-color: red !important;
  color: red !important;
  font-size: xx-large !important;

What am I missing please?

Solution :

You're forgetting to call CssResource.ensureInjected(). From the documentation;

At runtime, call CssResource.ensureInjected() to inject the contents of the stylesheet.
- This method is safe to call multiple times, as subsequent invocations will be a no-op.
- The recommended pattern is to call ensureInjected() in the static initializer of your various widget types

Check out the answer on this question for more code info.

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