How do I get placeholder text in firefox and other browsers that don't support the html5 tag option?

Tags: html,css,firefox,internet-explorer-8

Problem :

This works in Chrome and any other browser that supports placeholder text in HTML5

<input id="name" name="name"  type="text" placeholder="Please enter your name..." required /> <br />

But, it doesn't work in 3.5 and earlier of Firefox, and obviously IE8, and possibly other browsers.

How do I achieve the same thing (preferably in HTML/CSS - if not I am open to suggestions), to support all the older browsers? If not every single browser, at least Firefox and IE.

Safari and Chrome already support it (or the latest versions anyway).


Solution :

By the way...if anyone is interested...I found a nice elegant solution that is a jQuery plugin that is SOOO nice.

It literally is one line of jQuery, a minified js plugin, along with a simple class name on the input.

It's the most beautiful thing I have discovered, next to 'Placeholder' in html.

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